Additional program details will be provided as dates draw closer, so please check back for final changes and details that may be of importance.


RESERVATIONS: To assist in the logistical planning for each event, we request that you RSVP to FWC General Manager, Sheila Bach, by email (naturesheila@gmail.com) or by phone (571) 271-6267 or to the alternate person/email indicated in the event write-up.

DIRECTIONS: The FWC is in a secluded forest setting on the Blue Ridge that is reached via an unpaved, winding road over the last portion of the route. If you have not visited the FWC before, we strongly recommend that you consult our DIRECTIONS PAGE before heading out to visit and/or use the Waze app on your smart phone to locate the Niles Cabin and to allow at least 20 minutes extra time to your travel time to provide yourself a time cushion for contingencies.

PROGRAM COST: Except where noted, there is no set cost for a program BUT we do ask that you make a donation to the FWC for each program commensurate with the enjoyment you received from the program. FWC is entirely dependent on donations for meeting its operating expenses, and your donations help keep the lights on and programs such as the ones you enjoyed, being offered in the future. When making an online donation via our website’s Support Page, please use the notes feature to indicate the program or purpose for which you are making the donation to help us tie your donation to a particular program reservation.

MEALS: Home cooked meals may be available at an additional cost of $10 IF you indicate you would like a meal when making your reservation. Brown Bag lunches are always acceptable, and we ask that you make sure to take any beverage containers that you brought, away with you to recycle at home.

The following are the FWC-sponsored programs that are currently scheduled for 2021. As the pandemic situation permits, we will hopefully return to offering more in-person programs while following state, Federal and CDC guidelines regarding masks, social distancing, and recommended mitigation protocols. While we expect it will be some time before pre-COVID visitation protocols and face-to-face programs can resume, please consider visiting the Friends Center to avail yourself of the beauty and grace of Nature that our trails and woods have in abundance and breathe in the freshness and vitality of what we hope will be a happier New Year for us allIf coming out for a hike, please call ahead to let Sheila Bach know that you will be coming and about when you expect to arrive at the Niles Cabin.


Date: Saturday, January 9, 2021

Time: 4 PM EST

RSVP: svasterias@gmail.com for zoom link

 Sustainability is often sought after, but what does it mean to be sustainable? Is it a state or a process? How can you work toward it? Can you measure your efforts or progress? How does sustainability apply to buildings or organizations?

These questions will be explored by the Benson family in the context of their lives as climate activists and with the backdrop of Friends Wilderness Center.

 The Benson family are: Kimberly, Carl, Kallan (16), & Reece (15) are long-time climate activists working at the local, state, national, & international levels. Kimberly also serves on the board of FWC.

 Please RSVP to receive access information for this virtual event.

 FWC programs are free, but participants who are able are encouraged to donate to support the work of the center. $10/person is suggested, but any amount is welcome and donations are not required. We never want money to be an impediment to your participation. 


EVENT: To Be Scheduled (Possible Virtual Event on Nature Meditation)

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2021

Time: ______ EST


 Details of this program will be provided when available.


 EVENT: (Possible Mountain Biking Outing on FWC Trails)

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2021

Time: ______ EST


 The FWC has miles of excellent trails available for hiking and mountain biking. Come out, stretch your legs, breathe in the mountain air, and fill your heart with the beauty and exhilaration of that riding our trails can provide.

 Further details of this program will be provided when available.


EVENT: To Be Scheduled (Salamander Discovery Hike with the Benson Family)

Date: Saturday, March 20, 2021

Time: ______ EST

RSVP: Kimberly Benson at email svasterias@gmail.com

 The Blue Ridge Mountains are home to many species of salamanders which enjoy the cool, moist conditions found in the forests and streams. The Benson Family will help you find, identify and marvel at these small wonders during this family-friendly Nature hike. The Benson family are: Kimberly, Carl, Kallan (16), & Reece (15) are long-time climate activists working at the local, state, national, & international levels. Kimberly also serves on the board of FWC.

 Further details of this program will be provided when available.


ADDITIONAL EVENTS: Additional programs will be added to our schedule as they are planned and scheduled. We normally schedule our programs on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Please check back to see what programs are added and for updated information on ones already scheduled.

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