COVID-19 Current Restrictions


We know nature is a panacea and access to the beauty and solitude of the Blue Ridge forests provides much needed opportunity for peace and renewal in times of uncertainty, transition, and social isolation. Stroll along mountain streams, listen to the chorus of frogs, marvel at hummingbirds and butterflies, breathe with the trees and wildflowers. We are so grateful to be able to share this mountain and our facilities to restore spirit, a sense of calm, and positive peaceful energy.  

However, Jefferson County, West Virginia, is an area experiencing a high level of community transmission of COVID-19. Accordingly, we urge people to be mindful of current guidance and travel recommendations. Also, please avoid indoor social interaction with people outside your pod.
At Friends Wilderness Center, we continue to welcome pods and individuals for recreation, camping, and private retreats. We are regularly disinfecting and offering half-bath facilities at the Niles Cabin, but meal service and indoor activities have been curtailed. Please be prepared to wear a mask if using the facilities.  

As always, please call ahead, if you can, to let Kimberly Benson know you plan to visit. Please let us know if you or others in your pod are not fully vaccinated or are immunocompromised, so we may take further steps to help ensure your safety.

Consider leaving a donation before or after your hike and, if you wish to do so, sign our visitor’s guest book in the cabin.