Climate Change: Act for Our Future

A Conversation for Head and Heart

Saturday, February 22nd, Noon to 4:30 PM

Langley Hill Friends Meeting


The Friends Wilderness Center is focusing many of its programs for 2020 on the themes of connecting with Nature and of living sustainably. Our February 22nd, 2020 program is a special off-site program held at Langley Hill Friends Meeting (6410 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101) to allow for a larger audience to participate in a dialogue about global climate disruption and how each of us can take action to mitigate it.  Structured both to educate and to inspire, this 3-part program will hopefully inspire you to add your voice, your heart and your talents to shaping a sustainable future for future generations and the planet they will inhabit. As Kallan Benson, our youngest presenter, noted in her September 2019 speech to the gathered environmental delegates at the United Nations in New York, “Giving up is not an option.” 

A home-cooked lunch and dessert will be available for a charge of $10 with an advance reservation. Brown Bag lunches are permitted. Please RSVP to Sheila Bach by Monday, February 17th at or (571)271-6267 if you plan to attend and let her know if you would like a meal when you do so. 


This program will feature 3 informative and transformative presentations which are listed below in order:

·         Paths to Reconnection: We all have lots of (too much!) information about the Climate Crisis and are weighted with concerns about what we can do. Barbara Adams will lead this one-hour experiential presentation which draws from the work of Joanna Macy, author of Active Hope and Coming Back To Life, and her belief that what is desperately needed now is our individual and collective reconnection with the Natural World. We’ll engage in discussion and interactive exercises that can fortify us as we explore the “work that reconnects” and remind us that we are not alone.

·         Examining our ‘Carbon Footprint’ will be led by Rick Morgan, experienced Energy Policy Specialist and past member of Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Unity with Nature Committee. In his presentation Rick will show participants how they can  determine the size of their carbon footprints and will also suggest specific actions they can take to make them smaller; and

An inspirational presentation, Trusting the Butterfly Effect: Every Beat of Your Wings has Potential to Change the World, will be offered by Kallan Benson of Annapolis Friends Meeting. Kallan brings poise, passion and power to her work and her public speaking, and these traits will shine brightly in her portion of the program.  A recent  testament to her achievements and stature, she was one of the recipients of Amnesty International’s  Ambassador For Conscience Award along with Greta Thunberg in September 2019. (see photo below)

Presenter Biographies:


Barbara Adams: Barb has followed a life path that includes studying Biology and Soil Science at George Mason University, starting an organic vegetarian restaurant in Richmond, VA and co-founding Richmond Interfaith Climate Justice, working in solidarity with communities around the state on environmental justice issues. She is the Baltimore Yearly Meeting (BYM) representative to Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) and serves as a liaison to International Women’s and Indigenous groups addressing climate crisis and environmental justice issues. She recently completed a film Quaker Earthcare Witness: A Panorama and was a voice in the QuakerSpeak QEW video.

Kallan Benson: At 15, Kallan Benson is already a veteran activist with 6 years of experience working for a sustainable future of all. Kallan is an organizer with Fridays For Future at a local and national level and integral to the international movement. She co-directs a collaborative art activism initiative, Parachutes for the Planet, which invites participants to express their concerns about the future through community art. In January 2019, she committed to a 90-day silent strike at the State House for the duration of the Maryland General Assembly to support the Healthy Green Amendment. She credits the communities of Annapolis Friends Meeting and Friends Wilderness Center as inspiration for her passion for the environment and climate action.  

Rick Morgan: Richard E. (Rick) Morgan has had a distinguished career in energy policy and utility regulation spanning more than four decades. Mr. Morgan completed more than eight years as commissioner on the District of Columbia Public Service Commission in 2011, including participation in regional, national and international regulatory associations. 

At the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Commissioner Morgan chaired the Task Force on Climate Policy as well as serving on NARUC’s Board of Directors, its Smart Grid and Demand Response Collaborative, and its Committee on Energy Resources and Environment. Commissioner Morgan helped found the Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative (MADRI) and chaired its board of directors. He also chaired the board of the Smart Meter Pilot Program, Inc. (SMPPI), which supervised the District’s award-winning smart metering pilot program, PowerCentsDC, and he served on the advisory board of the District’s Sustainable Energy Utility. 

Prior to joining the PSC as a commissioner, Mr. Morgan spent 12 years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where he focused on climate policy and emissions trading and oversaw the development of the eGRID database of power plant emissions. 

Mr. Morgan is currently engaged in providing consulting and advisory services to selected business, governmental, and non-profit clients. His practice focuses on utility regulation as it relates to demand-side and renewable resources, smart grid and climate policy. 

Mr. Morgan has authored numerous books, reports, and papers on electric power. He holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Maryland and a B.A. in economics from Antioch College.


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