Writing in the Midst of Nature

Saturday, May 13, 2017     10 AM to Noon

Program LeaderThis program will be led by Caroline Pelton, a former member of the Friends Wilderness Board who has been leading similar programs for many years.

Meeting Location: Participants will meet at the Niles Cabin. Please plan to arrive between 9:40 and 9:50 to allow time for pre-program introductions, use of rest facilities, and stretching your legs after the drive. Please check driving time from your home to the Friends Center using an online travel planner such as Google Maps, MapQuest or better yet Waze (if you have the app) and then take a moment to read and Our Directions Page to FWC to make sure you have the appropriate directions to reach FWC - it may take a little extra time and effort to find FWC on your first visit.

Program Context and ContentThroughout the ages people in various cultures have experienced the presence of God in nature. In the serenity of the forest of the Friends Wilderness Center, we will explore a few selections of persons who have recorded in poetry and prose their experiences with nature. Then after listening for the Spirit in the quiet of the trees, birds, and plants, we will record our insights and feelings in various kinds of writing, including reflective pieces and a dialogue with an object or element of nature. To participate, no one needs to be an experienced writer. We will simply see what emerges. Although there will be an opportunity to share with others what we write, no one should feel obligated to read.

Food & DrinkA delicious homemade lunch will be available for those who register ahead of time for a cost of $10. You are also free to bring your own food and beverage if you wish.

What to bringWe will be meeting outside without the benefit of tables or desks. So please bring a folding chair for sitting and a pen and notebook for writing in your lap. You may also want to bring insect repellent. You may also review our Helpful Info page for suggestions on other items you might wish to bring to make your visit as rich and enjoyable as possible.

Registration: As always, please let us know that you will be coming so that we can plan for the event. Contact Sheila Bach at snbach@earthlink.net or 304.728.4820 for more information, to register for this program, and to make reservation changes. Visit our Directions Page  to get detailed driving directions to FWC.

Cost: We ask that if possible you make a $10 (or more!) donation to the Friends Wilderness Center for attendance at this program. However, we do not want you to stay away because of the cost so if you are interested, please come and participate. Bring your family, your friends, your neighbors, and any others!  Please note that if you choose to have our wonderful home cooked lunch there is an additional fixed $10 fee to do so.